Refreshing one of China’s first independent coffee roaster brands
Branding, Client Management, Concept, Content, Digital Design, Visual Identity, Wireframing, Scope, Production Management, Infographics
Keeping a longstanding hip, industrial-chic Southeast Asian joint relevant.
Print Design, Web Design, Client Management, Concept, Art Direction, Brand Management, Wayfinding, Signage
Identity for modernising Greek food in an industrial-chic space.
Branding, Concept, Print Design, Art Direction, Production Management, Client Management, Web Design
Book design for a collection of recipes from some of Shanghai’s most celebrated restaurants and chefs.
Print Design, Client Management, Production Management, Concept, Book Design, Art Direction
Refreshing one of Hong Kong’s most iconic nightclub brands.
Branding, Concept, Content, Print Design, Advertising, Event Design, Social, Client Management
Luxury hospitality nightlife brand for Hong Kong’s newest upscale live music venue and late night concept.
Branding, Concept, Content, Social, Event Design, Client Management
Identity and website for a family foundation with a history in the furniture industry.
Branding, Concept, Print Design, Digital Design, Scope, Wireframing, Production Management, Client Management
Building a sports brand that will change the way you recover.
Branding, Concept, Art Direction, Content, Print Design, Digital Design, Social, Client Management, Brand Management
Building a brand for a new consultancy in creative, event and partnership projects.
Branding, Concept, Content, Art Direction, Print Design, Social, Brand Management, Client Management
Refreshing a brand for a global supplier of heavy building materials in Australia.
Art Direction, Print Design, Digital Design, Brand Management, Scope, Wireframing, App Design
Identity for Australia’s first online golf apparel retail store.
Branding, Content, Advertising, Scope, Wireframing, Web Design, e-commerce
Making a historic engineering company relevant and engaging.
Branding, Concept, Print Design, Event Design, Production Management, Client Management
Information graphics for 2012 Australian Census of Women in Leadership.
Infographics, Content, Scope
User Experience App for Savills’ research documents.
App Design, Digital Design

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